Teradici Virtual Audio Driver 1.2.0 Release Details (15134-1434)
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Teradici Virtual Audio Driver 1.2.0 Release Details (15134-1434)

The Teradici Virtual Audio Driver 1.2.0 is a new release with added support for Windows 8. The driver comes as a component within the PCoIP Component Installer. The Teradici's virtual audio driver provides bi-directional analog and locally terminated USB audio support for virtual desktops using PCoIP Software such as VMware View. See Release Details: Firmware 4.2.0 (15134-1821) regarding new support for locally terminated USB audio support.

This is intended to provide analog recording and dictation support for virtual desktops.

zip Teradici PCoIP Component Installer (with Virtual Audio Driver)

Release Details:

  • Added support for Windows 8.

Compatibility Notes:

Installs on systems with the VMware View Agent 4.5 or newer.

  • new iconPCoIP Component Installer (file version used to install Teradici Virtual Audio Driver 1.2.0 did not support VMware Horizon 6.0.1 or newer. It has now been updated to version which supports VMware Horizon 4.5 and 6.x. See knowledge base article 15134-490 to help determine the installer file version number.
  • Is verified on the following virtual desktop OS: 
    • Microsoft Windows XP 32-bit
    • Microsoft Windows 7 32-bit
    • Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit
    • Microsoft Windows 8 64-bit   
  • Works with the following clients:
    • PCoIP Zero Clients with firmware 3.2.x or newer (for a list of clients see http://www.teradici.com/pcoip/pcoip-products/product-search-results.php)
    • Windows-based VMware View 4.5 or newer clients with audio enabled
    • Note Linux-based VMware View Clients support audio output, but do not support analog audio input (this requires audio input support in the View Linux client, please contact VMware if you are interested in this capability). 

The PCoIP component installer includes:

  • Teradici virtual audio driver
    • WHQL signed driver that provides additional functionality of analog audio input on the client. 
    • This driver supersedes the VMware Virtual Audio Driver (DevTap) that is provided with the VMware View 4.5 (or newer) installer.
    • This is for installations on VMware View virtual machines only (not for installation on VMware View Clients)

Resolved Issues:

  • Fixes a problem where the audio playback stops on Windows XP desktops under a known set of conditions.
  • Optimized settings for the monitoring mechanism to reduce CPU usage.

Known Issues:

  • If the Teradici Virtual Audio Driver and the VMware Virtual Audio (DevTap) Driver are installed on the same virtual desktop and the VMware audio driver is selected as the default device, you will not get any sound. Workaround: Ensure that the Teradici Virtual Audio Driver is selected as the default driver in the Playback tab of the Control Panel > Sound dialog. For details see section 2.5.1 of the PCoIP Component Installer Release Notes


The above known issues are under investigation. Please subscribe to this knowledge base item to receive updates. 


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